What is Pagecall?

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What is Pagecall?

Pagecall is an edtech solution that offers interactive whiteboarding capabilities and greater usability on mobile devices than traditional video solutions.


A Quick Look at Pagecall benefits

Get the right edtech for your business

Every class has a software UI and UX that works best for it. Whether it's a 1:1 class, a group class, a pre-K class, an adult education class, a foreign language conversation, or a test prep class, each has its own unique progression of participants. On the other hand, our customers' business environments are a very different mix of factors, including what their class content looks like, whether they utilize a web app or a native app, and whether they utilize class recordings and reviews. No single video solution on the market can address these challenges, and Pagecall customizes for these different types of classes and business environments, allowing our customers to focus on their business and their users on the class itself.

High whiteboard usability on mobile devices

Pagecall supports Apple Pencil, Galaxy S-pen, and Surface Pen, all of which can be used with popular tablets to enhance whiteboard usability. In addition, most of Pagecall's internal features are designed and developed with touch usability in mind, and we support a variety of mobile app development environments for our customers.

Provide user-friendly technical support in case of connection errors

Because online classes are conducted by multiple people at the same time, if even one participant experiences a connection failure, the class must be rescheduled. The impact on users when the software fails to function correctly due to these issues is greater than in other SaaS services. Pagecall provides a variety of ways for users to trust and use Pagecall, including a way to check the connection environment beforehand, a way to report connection errors during the connection, and a graph of the change in communication status of actual users after the connection.


On its own, Pagecall can dramatically improve the experience for your training service customers. But the best part is that when you integrate Pagecall with your existing services, it works like a single app. Stop running your services separately and your video solution separately, and start running them as a single service with Pagecall. Gain more business insights and grow your business faster.


Getting started with Pagecall

Already been invited to the Pagecall admin page?

If you're using Pagecall by invitation, look for the 'Administrator's Guide' to help you get up to speed on Pagecall.

Thinking about implementing Pagecall?

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