How to invite a administrator in Pagecall console (Admin page)

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to invite an administrator to manage the Pagecall console with you [CN-DE-0102-F]
  • How to change each admin's role

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What is a Pagecall Administrator?

  • A user with full access to the Pagecall console is called an administrator.
  • You can invite other admins, create and delete meeting rooms, create and delete users, view usage.

How to add another administrator to the console

  • Click the button in the upper-right corner and enter the Workspace settings page.


  • Press ‘Admin’ tab.
  • Press 'Invite admin' button in the top right corner of the tab.


  • Enter the email of the admin you want to invite, select the role you want to invite, and press the 'Invite' button.
    • Pagecall's administrators are divided into three main roles: Administrator, Support, and Billing.
    • For detailed access rights for each role, please refer to Learn about permissions by admin role.


    • After invitation, you can change roles by clicking the Roles portion of each admin.CN-DE-5.png