Integrating Pagecall with D2L Brightspace

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to integrate D2L Brightspace with Pagecall via LTI integration

Use it this way

How to integrate D2L Brightspace with Pagecall

  • Click button in the top right to enter the workspace settings page.
  • Click the 'LTI Settings' tab.CN-LI-1.png
  • You'll need to paste four pieces of information from the integration information on the page into Brightspace. Go to the Brightspace page you want to integrate with. CN-LI-2.png

Settings within a Brightspace Page

  • On the D2L Brightspace page, enter the 'Manage Extensibility' item in the Settings menu.CN-LI-D1.png
  • Click the 'Register Tool' button inside the 'LTI Advantage' tab.CN-LI-D2.png
  • On the 'Register a Tool' page, fill in the following fields. The 'Integration information' in Pagecall's LTI integration will be used here. Copy and paste the information as appropriate.CN-LI-D3.png
    1. How would you like to register your tool? : Standard
    2. Name : Pagecall
    3. Domain :
    4. Redirect URLs :
    5. OpenID Connect Login URL :
    6. Target Link URI :
    7. Keyset URL :
    8. Extentions : Check 'Names and Role Provisioning Services'
      Role : Check 'Send Institution Role'
  • If you've entered all the information correctly, click the 'Register' button to save it.
  • After saving, you should see a list of information that needs to be added to Pagecall like this. We'll need to add this information to Pagecall, so keep the page on. Let's finalize our internal Brightspace settings first.
    • Click 'View Deployment'. 
  • Within the 'External Learning Tools' page, click the 'New Deployment' button.
  • Enter the required information within the 'Deploy Tool' page. CN-LI-D6.png
    1. Tool : Pagecall
    2. Name : Pagecall
    3. Security Settings :
      • Check 'User Information'
      • Check 'Name'
      • Check 'First Name'
      • Check 'Middle Name'
      • Check 'Last Name'
      • Check 'Title'
    4. When you're done entering information, click the 'Add Org Units' button.CN-LI-D6-1.png 
      1. Select Filter by Org Unit Type as 'Organization',
      2. Check the Pagecall entry when it appears.
      3. For Options, select 'This org unit and all descendants', then click the 'Add' button.
      4. Click the 'Create Deployment' button on the page.
  • You'll see your Deployment ID at the bottom. You'll need to enter this information into PageCall's LTI integration settings to complete the integration. Again, go to Settings within the PageCall admin.


Settings in Pagecall console

  • Back on the LTI Settings page, click the 'New LTI integration' button at the bottom.CN-LI-3.png
  • Fill in the service integration settings in the Pagecall with the information you found on the Brightspace page.
    1. Service name : D2L Brightspace
    2. Authnication request URL : (OpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint provided by Brightspace)
    3. Public keyset URL : (Brightspace Keyset URL provided by Brightspace)
    4. Issuer : (Issuer provided by Brightspace)
    5. Client ID : (Client ID provided by Brightspace)
    6. Deployment ID : (Deployment ID provided by Brightspace)
  • If you've entered all the information correctly, click the 'Add' button.
  • You'll see Brightspace added to the list of integrations at the bottom.CN-LI-D10.png
  • If all goes well, the integration is complete and you can add and use your Pagecall meeting room in D2L Brightspace.


Add Pagecall to your course

  • Go to Home in Brightspace, and navigate to the course you'd like to add Pagecall to.
  • Enter the Content menu and start organizing your course. First, add a unit by clicking the 'New Unit' button. If you already have a unit created, you can skip this step.
  • Once you've created a unit, click the 'Add Existing' button.
  • Click 'External Tool Activity'.
  • Select "Pagecall" from the list of items. You'll see Pagecall added to your course immediately afterward.