Integrating Pagecall with Canvas (Instructure)

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to integrate Canvas (Instructure) with Pagecall via LTI integration

Use it this way

How to integrate Canvas (Instructure) with Pagecall

  • Click button in the top right to enter the workspace settings page.
  • Click the 'LTI Settings' tab.CN-LI-1.png
  • You'll need to paste four pieces of information from the integration information on the page into Canvas. Go to the Canvas page you want to integrate with. CN-LI-2.png

Settings within a Canvas page

  • On the Canvas page, enter the Site Admin item inside the 'Admin' menu.CN-LI-C1.png
  • Inside 'Developer Keys', click the '+ Developer Key' button, then click the 'LTI Key' type.CN-LI-C2.png
  • On the 'Key Settings' page, fill in the following fields. The 'Integration information' in PageCall's LTI integration will be used here. Copy and paste the information as appropriate.CN-LI-C3.png
    1. Title : Pagecall
    2. Description : Pagecall
    3. Target Link URI :
    4. OpenID Connect Initiation Url :
    5. JWK Method : Public JWK URL
    6. Public JWK URL :
    7. Redirect URIs :
    8. Privacy Level : Public
  • If you've entered all the information correctly, click the 'Save' button to save it.
  • After saving, you should see the pagecall added as follows. Click button in the State to activate the page call.CN-LI-C4.png
    • You'll find the Client ID in the Details column. You'll need to put that information into your course.
  • Enter the page for the course you want to use the meeting room for within the 'Course' menu.CN-LI-C5.png
  • Go to the 'App' tab inside 'Settings' and click the '+ App' button.CN-LI-C6.png
  • In the 'Add App' window, set the 'Configuration Type' to By Client ID, then paste the Client ID you found earlier and click the 'Submit' button.CN-LI-C7.png
  • Once you see the Tool "Pagecall", click the 'Install' button.CN-LI-C8.png
  • You can see that the Pagecall entry has been added as expected. Click button to see the Deployment ID.CN-LI-C10.png
  • A window will appear to confirm your Deployment ID. You'll need to enter this information into Pagecall's LTI settings to complete the integration. Again, navigate to Settings within the Pagecall console.CN-LI-C11.png


Settings in Pagecall console

  • Back on the LTI Settings page, click the 'New LTI integration' button at the bottom.CN-LI-3.png
  • Fill in the service integration settings in the Pagecall with the information you found on the Canvas page.CN-LI-C7-1.pngCN-LI-6.png
    1. Service name : Canvas LMS
    2. Authnication request URL : (Canvas site URL)/api/lti/authorize_redirect
      • eg) If the address to access your Canvas site is, in the form
    3. Public keyset URL : (Canvas site URL)/api/lti/security/jwks
    4. Issuer : (Canvas site URL)
      • If you're using it in the cloud without any hosting, put in the address
    5. Client ID : (Client ID provided by Canvas)
    6. Deployment ID : (Deployment ID provided by Canvas)
  • If you've entered all the information correctly, click the 'Add' button.
  • You'll see Canvas added to the list of integrations at the bottom.CN-LI-7.png
  • If all goes well, the integration is complete and you can add and use your Pagecall meeting room in Canvas.