Update - October 2023 : New Administration Platform, Admin Pages

  • Updated

We're excited to announce our new admin page, with features that make it easier to manage your Pagecall usage and enhanced support capabilities.

Unlike the old Pagecall management console, you'll have more control over meeting status, technical support with error analysis, and billing details.


  • From the list of rooms, you can see which meetings are currently in progress and who is connected in real time.10.png


  • View a detailed history of meetings that have taken place in that room.


  • Add users and see a list of all users and a list of active users.
    (Users with a meeting history of 10 minutes or more are considered active users.)8.png


  • Analyze the room where the issue occurred and request technical support based on the meeting history.7.png


  • Check your bill to see how much you're about to be billed.12.png


  • You can create your own API key, or invite a new admin.11.png



With the new admin page, you'll be able to use Pagecall more efficiently and build a service that grows with you.

Still haven't received your admin page? Get in touch with the Pagecall team.


Email : support@pagecall.com