Create users and assign them to meeting room

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to create a Pagecall user [CN-US-0105-F]
  • How to assign a user to a specific meeting room

Use it this way

How to create users from the console

  • Press the 'User' tab at the top center of the page.
  • Press 'Create user' button in the top center-right corner of the page


  • Please enter the data related to creating a user.
    • User ID : This value can be used as an identifier to identify users, so it's a good idea to follow a certain convention (e.g., T for instructors, S for students, etc.).
    • Nickname : Nickname is the name that appears in the list of participants in the actual customer service, so you can enter duplicate values. If not set, it is determined the same as the User ID.
    • Profile image : This is the image that is displayed in the classroom when accessed from real customer service. If you don't upload an image, a blank avatar picture will be displayed.
  • When you're done, click the 'Create' button to create the user. 


  • There are three basic entry permissions you can set.
    • Monitoring: The ability to observe a meeting in progress without interrupting it. This is usually granted to administrators.
    • Host: Allows you to take control of the meeting, including adjusting the permissions of participants in the meeting and kicking people out. This is usually granted to teachers.
    • Guest: Allows to join the meeting. This is usually granted to students.


How to assign users you create to a meeting room

  • Press the 'Room' tab at the top center of the page.
  • Press the 'Create room' button in the center-right corner.


  • Select the type of meeting room as 'Specified users only'.


  • Select the users you want to enable access to via 'Specify users' at the bottom.


  • Press the 'Create' button to finalize the room creation.

💡 Disclaimer

If you don't see the user in your specify users list, make sure you created the user first.