Replay, speed, pan and pause.

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to play and pause recordings [CA-RE-0101-F]
  • How to adjust the playback speed of recordings by up to 2x [CA-RE-0102-F]
  • How to move 10 seconds before or after the current point in a recording [CA-RE-0103-F]

Try using it in these situations

  • When you want to revisit a recorded classroom for playback and navigation.

Use it this way

How to play a classroom recording

  • After entering the replay, press the play button ▶.

💡 Notes

- Depending on your service provider, recording may not be supported. Contact your service provider for a replay.

- When a lecture ends, Pagecall processes the data to provide a replay. Therefore, if you try to watch the replay immediately after the lecture ends, you may not be able to play it. If it does not play immediately, please try again after a period of time.


  • Press the X 1.0 button on the right side of the Replay My Play menu to specify your desired speed.


  • Pressing the ⏪ and ⏩ buttons on either side of the play button will move it forward or backward by 10 seconds.