Undo and redo in a whiteboard

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to cancel what you have done in the whiteboard [CA-WH-0381-F]
  • To undo what you have done and then revert to its original state [CA-WH-0382-F]

Try using it in these situations

  • When you accidentally delete your notes
  • When you want to go back and delete your notes in reverse order
  • When you have cancelled the execution but want to revert the cancellation

Use it this way

How to use undo

  • Press thebutton on the toolbar to cancel the run.

💡 Notes

Undo can only reverse what happened after you entered the classroom. You can't undo something that someone else has done, which means that if a student carelessly deletes a whole bunch of stuff, you can't bring it back with an undo, only the student who erased it has to do it themselves. So if students are deleting your notes and it could be a problem, limit their whiteboard permissions.

In addition, any undoable data is initialized when you reload.



How to revert undo

  • Press the button on the toolbar.