Add images or files to the whiteboard.

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to upload files to the current page or a new page [CA-WH-0371-F]

Try using it in these situations

  • When you want to upload documents to the whiteboard for your class.

Use it this way

File types supported by file upload

  • Documents : PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, KEY

💡 Points to note for uploading PowerPoint or Excel files.

If you upload a PowerPoint or Excel file, it may be uploaded differently from the actual document editing status depending on the printing area and whether you use the font. In this case, convert it to PDF first and upload it.

How to upload using the file upload button on the toolbar

  • Click the on the toolbar


  • If you click 'Add to current page', the files you have added to the page you are currently viewing will be added.

💡 참고사항

- If you click add to current page and upload a document type files, such as PDF, It doen't add to the current page, but adds it as a new page.

- When you add an image to the current page, it is located in the center of the entire page area. (Not the center of the current screen) So if you upload it and you can't see the image right away, try zooming in or moving the screen.

- If you upload multiple images at once, they will be uploaded in a cascading format, one image on top of the other.

- If the resolution of the image is larger than 1024px, the page call policy automatically resales to 1024px and uploads it. (The default size of the whiteboard is 4000px*3000px.)


  • If you click 'Add to New Page', the individual pages in the document will be uploaded to the next page of the page you are viewing.


💡 Notes

- You can add document files or image files by dragging and dropping them on whiteboard. In this case, the image will be located at the point where you dragged and dropped it with the mouse.