Line eraser, Box eraser and clear page

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to clear drawings line by line [CA-WH-0331-F]
  • How to quickly clear everything on a specific page [CA-WH-0332-F]
  • How to clear all contents on a specific page [CA-WH-0333-F]

Try using it in these situations

  • When you want to clear the drawing you've already entered.

Use it this way

How to use line eraser 

  •  Click the button.
  • To return to the eraser tool after selecting another tools, click the  button of the three icons.
  • Drag the mouse over the strokes you want to erase.

💡 Why it's not a pixel eraser.

Pagecall is a mainly service that is designed to enter strokes of writing so does not provide erasers that wipe off certain areas supported by ordinary Paint or Photoshop.


How to use box eraser 

  • Click the button
  • Click the button of the three icons.
  • Start at the left end of the area you want to clear and drag down to the right.


How to use clear page

  • Click the button
  • Click the button of the three icons.
  • Click the button again to confirm so you don't accidentally clear it.

💡 Nevertheless, if you accidentally erase it.

If a participant other than the host accidentally performs a full wipe, please press Ctrl+Z or hit the revert button without doing anything else immediately.