Create announcements, send messages to everyone, and whispers in chat

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How a host can send an announcement to all participants in a classroom [CA-DE-0301-F].
  • How to publicly send and receive messages among all participants [CA-DE-0302-F].
  • How to send and receive messages with specific participants [CA-DE-0303-F]

Try using in these situations

  • When you're a teacher and want to pin class times, homework assignments, and reminders to the chat room that are important for your students to know.
  • Students want to present in class for all students to see, not just you.
  • Students want to send a quiz answer privately to you during class, or send an early dismissal, restroom, etc. message.

Use it this way

Example of a message to everyone, such as an announcement


Example of a message to all users


Example of sending a message only to a specific user (whispers)


Customization : [Features] [Design]

  • Messages to everyone and messages to individuals are built-in features.
  •  When you send a message to everyone, the form that is fixed in the chat window(Such as an announcement) is implemented through customization.