Request Pagecall technical support

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How to request support after analyzing issues in a specific meeting


  • After analyzing the issue, click the 'Contact Support' or 'Have an unresolved issue' button to initiate a support request.



How to check the status of your service and a list of technical support you've received on support page

  • Click the 'Headset' icon in the top-right corner of the console to access support page.


  • On support page, you can view the current status of Pagecall service, the error to meeting ratio for the last 30 days, and the number of technical support requests you've received.


How to submit a support request on support page

  • Click the 'Request support' button in the top right corner.


  • Select the severity of the issue.


  • If you are experiencing an error across Pagecall and are having difficulty with the service, please select 'Urgent action needed'. Please write a description and the Pagecall team will review and respond to your issue with the highest priority.


  • Other urgency issues can be analyzed by determining which meeting room the issue occurred in.


  • For general feature suggestions or questions that aren't errors, please select 'Questions and suggestions' and write a short description of what you're asking.


  • After selecting the urgency, select the meeting room where the issue occurred.
  • Please select the meeting (session) where the issue occurred.


  • There is a process for analyzing the access experience of a given meeting.
  • After analyzing the issue, click the 'Contact Support' or 'Have an unresolved issue' button to initiate a support request.


  • Describe the issue in detail. Choose the type of issue, which users are experiencing it, and in what form. The more detailed and specific you are, the better we can pinpoint the issue and provide you with a resolution.


  1. Select the type of issue, and which participants are experiencing which symptoms. You can add the same type of issue by clicking the 'Add symptom' button, or report a different type of issue via the 'Add problem' button.

  2. Write any additional description you'd like to share that are difficult to describe in the options.

  3. Write about the time the issue occurred. This will help the Pagecall team understand when the issue manifested itself.
    (In the bottom right corner of the replay, you can see the date and time the issue occurred.)

  4. Attach files to help us diagnose the issue. If you can attach a video, screenshot, or documentation of the issue, we'll be able to identify the problem faster.

  • Once you've finished recording, click the 'Submit request' button to finalize your submission. Pagecall team will analyze the issue and respond to you in order of urgency.
  • On that support detail page, you can see the status of your question or ticket, the author, the date and time it was created, and any attached files.


  • If you need further communication, please write a comment on support detail page and hit the 'Leave comment' button.
  • Alternatively, if you've determined that the cause is something other than a Pagecall, or if you've resolved the issue on your own, you can close technical support via the 'Mark as completed' button.

How to check the status of your technical support


  • Submitted : This is the status you'll see immediately after submitting a technical support request.
  • Checking : Pagecall team has seen your technical support request and is in the process of analyzing the circumstances of your issue.
  • Information needed : We're having a difficulty figuring out what's going on with the information you've provided, and we need more information. Please follow the instructions in the appropriate comment to provide additional information.
  • Resolving : We recognize the problem, and we're working on fixing it.
  • Answered : Either the problem situation has been resolved, or the issue has been analyzed and the results communicated. After you confirm that the issue is resolved, you can mark the issue as resolved yourself.
  • Completed : The issue has been verified as resolved and support has been closed.

How to view and delete your technical support history

  • You can view your support history for each status by using the filter on the left side of support page.


  • You can also delete a case or mark as completed by clicking the mceclip0.png button on the corresponding tech support entry.