Get started using Pagecall console (Admin page)

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❗ Notes

This feature is a description of the admin page, which is scheduled to open in July 2023. Please contact your Pagecall manager for more information about the timeline for the new admin page.

What you’ll get from this document

  • How to join the Pagecall admin page (the "console")

Use it this way

What is the Pagecall Console?

  • Before integrating with Pagecall, you can create and test a classroom with GUI form.
  • After integration, you can check the data such as classrooms, users, and sessions created through API calls.
  • You can report errors and request technical support while using Pagecall.
  • When it comes to pagecall fees, you can see the specific usage data behind them.

Who should sign up for the Pagecall Console?

  • General manager of the service (CEO, product owner, etc.)
  • Engineer team members
  • Service operations team members
  • Finance team members

How to join the Pagecall Console

  • If you request a consultation through the homepage, you can enter the admin page to test the integration.
  • If you received an invitation via email, you can sign up for the admin page via email.



  • Click the link in the invitation.
  • Finalize your sign up by entering your name, phone number, and the password you'll use to sign in.


  • Once you've signed up, you'll enter a workspace that the Pagecall team has pre-created for you.