Get started using Pagecall console (Admin page)

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What you’ll get from this document

  • How to join the Pagecall admin page (the "console")

Use it this way

What is the Pagecall Console?

  • Before integrating with Pagecall, you can create and test a classroom with GUI form.
  • After integration, you can check the data such as classrooms, users, and sessions created through API calls.
  • You can report errors and request technical support while using Pagecall.
  • When it comes to pagecall fees, you can see the specific usage data behind them.

Who should sign up for the Pagecall Console?

  • General manager of the service (CEO, product owner, etc.)
  • Engineer team members
  • Service operations team members
  • Finance team members

How to join the Pagecall Console

  • If you request a consultation through the homepage, you can enter the admin page to test the integration.
  • If you received an invitation via email, you can sign up for the admin page via email.



  • Click the link in the invitation.
  • Finalize your sign up by entering your name, phone number, and the password you'll use to sign in.


  • Once you've signed up, you'll enter a workspace that the Pagecall team has pre-created for you.