Why does Pagecall experience interruptions while Google and YouTube work fine?

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Why does Pagecall experience interruptions while Google and YouTube work fine?

When using Google, the information exchange is primarily one-way, involving images and text. Even if the internet speed is not optimal and there is a momentary interruption, Google can quickly reconnect and retrieve the necessary information to display without the user noticing.

Similarly, when watching videos on YouTube, the platform preloads a certain amount of video content onto the user's computer for playback (indicated by the gray area inside the blue dashed box in the diagram below). This means that even if there is a temporary internet interruption, users often do not notice it because the playback continues smoothly.



On the other hand, Pagecall involves real-time bidirectional data transmission, including video, audio, and interactive features such as whiteboard collaboration. This requires a stable and consistent internet connection. If there are network issues or interruptions, it can affect the seamless experience of Pagecall compared to platforms like Google or YouTube.

The following is an example representation of internet speed for a user using Pagecall in our online classroom. Even if 59 minutes out of 1 hour are stable, if there are a few seconds of unstable connection followed by a network interruption for just 1 minute, the user's experience becomes inconsistent, requiring them to pause the meeting and start again.



Therefore, it is essential to ensure a stable internet connection and meet the recommended hardware and network requirements for Pagecall to enjoy uninterrupted communication and collaboration.