Checking Pagecall Connection Network

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Recommended System Requirements for Pagecall Connection

  Internet Speed Latency Router
Detail Download above 10Mbps  below 75ms  Router supporting 802.11ac or higher


To check your internet connection speed and latency

  1. you can visit the website

    * Please note that this website is not created or provided by Pagecall and is an external web service that allows you to test your internet speed for free. The screenshot below may vary slightly depending on the website's design.

  2. Once you access the website, the test will start automatically, and you need to wait for the results to appear.

  3. Check if your internet speed is above 10Mbps and the latency is below 75ms.


To check the performance of your router

Please locate the label on the front or back of the router that displays the model name and manufacturing date. Typically, this label can be found on the back of the router.

  • If you are using a router provided by your manufacturer or internet service provider, you may need to check with them directly to confirm if the router supports the AC or AX standard. They should be able to provide you with information regarding the specifications and capabilities of the router they have provided to you.

A router (Wi-Fi) is essential.

  • The performance of the router plays a crucial role. If you are using an old router that came with your internet installation package some years ago, it may be necessary to purchase a new router for a more stable Wi-Fi experience. Please consider purchasing a router that supports 802.11ac or 802.11ax. A high-performance router will help you avoid performance degradation even when multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) use Wi-Fi simultaneously in your home.

  • The distance between the router and the devices is also essential. Wi-Fi wireless signals weaken as they pass through physical walls in the house. Therefore, connecting to the router from a closer distance is crucial. Additionally, if your router supports 5GHz, we recommend using the 2.4GHz band instead. Although 5GHz offers faster speeds, it is more prone to signal instability in the presence of obstacles.

  • It is crucial to reboot your router occasionally. Just like PCs and smartphones, routers can accumulate data and slow down over time as they continuously transmit and receive various data. We recommend rebooting your router from time to time. When rebooting, we suggest you turn off the power, wait for about 30 seconds, and then reboot.

  • The number of devices connected to the router also affects its performance. For example, in the case of café Wi-Fi, routers are installed with adequate performance for web browsing while dozens of smartphones and laptops are connected for use. Services that require continuous data transmission and reception, like Pagecall, may not be stable in such environments.