Pagecall Glossary of Terms

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This document outlines the meanings of various terms and menus used within Pagecall. There are also detailed pages within the Help Center where you can learn more about each term, and you can search for the word to get more context and meaning.


Services General

Term Definition
Pagecall Pagecall is an edtech solution that provides interactive whiteboarding and better usability on mobile devices than existing video solutions. The console part that manages the service, the classroom (meeting room) part where actual teachers or students hold classes, and the development part that is used in conjunction with the API/SDK are collectively referred to as Pagecall.
Workspace A virtual space that is the unit of administration within Pagecall. Billing, user management, meeting room history, and more are all managed on a per-workspace basis.
Owner The top admin representing the organization that owns the workspace. They can invite or remove other admins, and can also delete workspaces. They are also responsible for viewing the charges for using the workspace and managing payment information.
Admin A type of user with the same permissions as the owner. They can't delete workspaces.
Layout PageCall provides a variety of room looks for different classroom situations. These are called 'Layouts'.


Pagecall Admin Page (Console)

Term Definition
Meeting Room A meeting room refers to a single classroom with a specific combination. This combination includes who can enter, the layout, and more. Once a room is created, you can continue to create meetings with the same combination.
Meeting If a room is a specific combination of environments, a meeting refers to a single deliverable that is created in that room. For example, if you create the "June - English Practice Test Class" meeting room, you can have meetings that take place in the same environment, such as "June 1 class", "June 4 class", and "June 10 class".
User A user registered in the workspace. They can be registered directly through the console or created through the API. Users do not have access to the Pagecall admin page.
Content library
Cloud storage for managing classroom content (PDFs, images, MP3s, etc.) provided by Pagecall. You can utilize the Content Manager to gain insights into the usage of specific content in your classes, users, and more.
Technical support Support is the process of asking technical questions about integrating Pagecall or reporting errors while using Pagecall.
Invoice View pricing, payments, usage, and more for your Pagecall.